Corian Worktops

Is Corian® better than Granite or Quartz?

When thinking about kitchen worktops the most important thing to ask yourself is – “What is important to me about my kitchen? Is it:- Look – are you looking for a contemporary or classic look? Corian® is contemporary as it’s joins are nearly seamless and so works extremely well with a contemporary modern look Durability – are you looking for

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A Cut Above – Traditional vs Non-Traditional Solid Surfaces

When choosing a new kitchen or bathroom, many people gravitate towards traditional surfaces; for kitchens and counter tops, these materials often include granite, quartz, hardwood and laminate, although modern designers have begun to incorporate metal and glass. For bathrooms, enamel, ceramic and in recent times, plastic. With regards to kitchen surfaces, many of the traditional ones are considered to be

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Over the past month, Superior Surfaces have been working closely with Biju Bubble Tea Room. Biju is a well-respected, modern company selling top quality tea made with organic ingredients. The Tea Kiosk was created using Hi-Macs® material to create a colourful and current look. The team created this look with the colours banana, midnight and alpine white which tie together

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Our new CNC Machine

At Superior Surfaces, we have recently invested in a new CNC router; a state of the art, computer controlled piece of technology that we use to thermoform and cut the solid surfaces that we fabricate. We work to create the best quality services for our customers using our state-of-the-art CNC machine. However, unless you are familiar with CNC work, this

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Corian Colour Collection

Corian Latest Colour Collection

The latest colour collection for Corian® has launched, with 17 new colours available to broaden its international appeal to designers across the world. There are three new collections named Concrete, Onyx and Prima as well as four additional colours: Greylite, Mineral, Willow and Sparkling White. Corian® by DuPont™ uses composite material which is used across a range of industries. One

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