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Our Charity Work

Every year, Mellon Educate organises their now renowned “building blitz” trip to Africa for volunteers from all over the world to travel and lend a helping hand building better school infrastructure in poor African communities.

Sean has been raising money and attending Building Blitz’ in South Africa with Melon Educate for the past 10 years. Melon Educate is a charity dedicated to building schools and enriching educational opportunities for children in underprivileged communities. Driven by a deep passion for education and a desire to make a tangible difference, Sean joined forces with local communities and volunteers from around the globe. Together, they laid bricks, painted classrooms, and shared knowledge, all with the shared vision of creating a brighter future for children. This experience not only Changes the lives of countless young learners but also profoundly impacted Sean, leaving him with unforgettable memories and a renewed commitment to global education.

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