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As our solid surface products are non-porous and meet the high standards of hygiene required for healthcare providers, we can meet and exceed the expectations of those designing for a healthcare environment.

Intuitive functionality and easy maintenance are vital aspects when upholding strict hygiene levels within a medical practice. Furthermore, a welcoming and secure environmental perception must also be established, with modern and balanced interior design.

Whether you are designing for a reception area, treatment room, operating space or completely re-structuring a hospital or clinic, the solid surfaces we provide at Superior Surfaces are LGA certified and present a modern, clean functionality. Transforming customer perceptions of the environment, while still delivering the durable performance required.

As trusted fabricators in the solid surface industry, we have worked alongside highly recognised architects and healthcare professionals to bring inspiring designs to life that improve the physical and emotional needs of both the patients and professionals working within the environment.

Learn more about how, with our range of specially crafted fabricated surfaces, treated with an antibacterial veneer, your medical or dental practice could benefit from elite and lasting workspaces.

Speak to our specialist design team today to gain further understanding of the solutions available.

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