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Krion™ is a solid surface material developed by the global PORCELANOSA Group.

Made from natural minerals Aluminium Trihydrate and high resistance resins, Krion™ resembles natural stone due to its high mineral content. It’s unique composition, and advanced features enable it to be thermoformed to fit virtually any design required, offering a completely bespoke solution that is far more versatile than traditional solid surfaces.

In the manufacturing process, Krion™ sheets are chemically bonded together to give an inconspicuous surface.

As a non-porous material, Krion™ is a popular choice for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as those who are designing surfaces for healthcare practices. Providing an anti-bacterial solution, without the requirement for any type of additive to be placed on the surface.

While Krion™ was originally designed in 1973 for use in kitchens and bathrooms, the material’s hard-wearing properties, minimum maintenance and anti-bacterial elements, has seen Krion™ solid surfaces adopted by numerous industries seeking a hygienic surface solution. This includes restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, and health centres such as hospitals, doctors and dentist surgeries.

Thanks to its superior chemical resistance, Krion™ is certified as food industry safe in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 1186 standard, making it a firm favourite for any design where hygiene has to be considered.

Krion™ is available in a range of colours, enabling the architect or designer to create a completely unique project which can be practical, without compromising on style.

Buy Phentermine Spain

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