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HI-MACS® is a remarkable solid surface material composed of acrylic, minerals and natural pigments to create a smooth, seamless product.

Invented by the pioneering LG brand, HI-MACS® evokes superior quality in all aspects. From material performance capabilities, fabrication, to functionality and hygiene. Offering numerous advantages over conventional solid surfaces.

As a non-porous material, HI-MACS® is highly regarded by those in the healthcare industry, as bacteria and dirt are unable to penetrate its robust surface.

Upholding the ISO 14001 environmental standard, LG HI-MACS® is the pinnacle of sustainable design, providing fabricators, interior designers, and architects with an eco-conscious product.

Suitable for domestic and commercial projects, HI-MACS® offers endless possibilities with its variety, and is ideal for contemporary aesthetics. With the flexibility to be thermoformed into any shape or size, designers can manipulate HI-MACS® into beautiful structures that can transform an environment.

With easy-to-care and repairable properties, HI-MACS® high resistance structure, can survive stains, scratches and heat with the same durability to that of natural stone. No matter the infliction, HI-MACS® products can be restored to their original state with specialised maintenance.

At Superior Surfaces, we are a distinguished member of the LG Quality Club, which is a certification of approved fabricators, and highlights our dedication to quality.

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