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What can be Fabricated from Solid Surface Materials?


Solid surfaces are becoming increasingly popular among architects and designers, and the most common place to find these materials in a domestic setting is in the kitchen as a counter top. This isn’t surprising since the material was first fabricated, it was predominantly perceived as an alternative to expensive granite and marble. But, solid surfaces lend themselves to almost any use! They are incredibly strong and durable and being non-porous, they are extremely resistant to stains and moisture.

These qualities are fantastic from a longevity perspective and provide peace of mind that your financial investment will withstand all that home life throws at it, but solid surfaces are also particularly aesthetically pleasing. Sleek, elegant lines and a consistent colour provide a product that rivals most traditional materials, and the thermoforming process means that items can be made to any bespoke design or specific dimensions. They also offer superior levels of hygiene due to inconspicuous seams. The aforementioned properties of solid surfaces makes them ideal for high traffic areas, and this blog will discuss a number of environments and ways that they can be used.

As discussed, solid surfaces are frequently used as kitchen countertops in a domestic environment. However, this use often spreads into healthcare settings too, because the materials offer more from a hygiene perspective, they are regularly used in dentist practices and hospitals. The inconspicuous seams and solid creations mean that there are less places for germs and bacteria to hide and multiply, and the risk of infection and illness can be reduced. It has also been reported that for those with limited mobility or disabilities, the thermoforming process means that solid surfaces can be fabricated into continuous and flowing designs that are easier to navigate; and the colour options means that shades can be picked to stand out to those that struggle with their sight.

Baths, Shower Trays & Sinks
Over our lifetime, we spend an average of 92 days in our bathrooms, and with that in mind, it’s important that the space is stylish, as well as functional. As ‘style’ is open to interpretation, solid surfaces are the perfect option. From stand-alone basins to integrated vanity units, to innovative bath and shower tray designs, you can create a stunning, bespoke bathroom that will stand up to the heavy use that bathroom’s experience. From sleek white designs, to ones that mimic natural stone or provides a bold blast of colour, your bathroom will be completely customisable and easy to maintain.

Tables, Desks & Bars
In hospitality settings, solid surfaces offer a range of uses and applications, and among the most common are tables, desks and bars. While these items are required to be exceptionally durable, withstanding heavy use and maintaining a flawless appearance for many years, they also need to be bold, embody the brand and create the intended impression. All of this is possible with solid surfaces, varying shapes, designs and specifications can be catered too, and with the high-tensile properties of the materials, the look of it remains impeccable for long periods of time, and can be refinished on site by a professional if necessary. Solid Surfaces also lend themselves to an almost endless list uses in the hospitality industry, creating contemporary bedrooms and bathrooms in hotels, to seating, lighting and other accessories.

The versatility of solid surfaces means that they also offer themselves to un-thought of areas of design, such as lighting. And again, due to the thermoforming process, any thickness, down to 12mm, and colour of the material can be achieved, meaning the luminosity can be manipulated to suit your visions and needs. With solid surfaces, the possibilities are seemingly endless when it comes to design and creation, above are just some of the examples that have been applied already. If you have an design or vision that you think a solid surface is the perfect material for, be sure to contact us to discuss how we can make this a reality.

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