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Latest Corian® Collection


The latest colour collection for Corian® has launched, with 17 new colours available to broaden its international appeal to designers across the world. There are three new collections named Concrete, Onyx and Prima, as well as four additional colours: Greylite, Mineral, Willow and Sparkling White. Corian® by DuPont™ is a composite material which is used across a range of industries. One of its most popular qualities, which makes it particularly sought-after in kitchens, is its heat, scratch and impact resistant qualities. The non-porous surface is able to join seamlessly and can be repaired if required. Alongside its durability, it’s a brand which continually launches new colour ranges in-line with what’s currently trending in the design world and popular among its customers. One such example is the marbleised effect that collection possesses.

The Concrete range was inspired by urban landscape, taking its cues from modern industrial design. For those who previously requested an alternative to polished concrete, the new colour-range promises to deliver. Ash Concrete is grey-toned, with fine particles which add depth and movement to the design. Weathered Concrete is a warm taupe shade, which possess an industrial style – perfect for those who are looking for a tough style statement. Neutral Concrete is the softest colour in the Concrete range in soft ivory, appealing to designs which require a clean, sleek aesthetic. Carob Concrete is the darkest shade in the collection, as its dusky shade is an almost-black colour.

Taking its inspiration from classic stone, the Onyx range is full of rich textures combined with modern flair. The collection features colours in varying opacity, which aims to create a fluid, translucent-like design. Gray Onyx has sliver running through the luminous white background, and is a highly stylised option for those looking to make an impact in their kitchen. White Onyx is perhaps the most opulent of them all, as its white veining contrasted with a creamy-gold-like background gives it a luxurious feel.

The Prima range is inspired by nature, the collection has six new colours ranging from rich hues to more elegant colour tones. Limestone Prima is made up of white, tan and grey shades on a white background, with flecks of black to add texture and depth. Dune Prima combines sandy and white hues to make up its natural appearance, for those looking for an effortless beachy aesthetic, Dune Prima is the perfect shade. Cosmos Prima is a rich navy-like colour, which is dotted with grey and white to give its night-time sky appearance. Evening Prima is a slightly lighter tone to Cosmos Prima, yet still possesses a colour which looks like it belongs in the sky, with its rich blue background and subtle hint of metallic. Cocoa Prima has taupe, cocoa and metallic colour tones to make up its rich appearance which swirl together on its surface. Nimbus Prima is one of the subtlest new colours in the collection, as it features white streaks which add movement to it’s simple appearance. The new colour range is available now, contact us today for the full brochure.

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