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Richlite®  material is made from resin-infused paper, and purposely designed for a variety of uses.

Although Richlite® is not technically a solid surface, it was developed over 70 years ago and is an incredibly durable material that is non-porous, heat and water resistant and can withstand harsh outdoor environments. Due to these unique capabilities, the material is now used in aerospace, architecture and design industries.

The distinctive amber colour and mottled appearance that Richlite® is recognised for, is a result of the state-of-the-art manufacturing process.

Handmade from premium quality craft paper, and combined with resin; the position of the fibres within the paper and the amber tone of the resin are the components that give Richlite® its honed look, leathery feel and warmth.

A range of interior and exterior products including furniture, retail displays, work surfaces can all be complemented by its natural appeal and durability.

For Buy Zolpidem Canada and architects, Richlite® is a product that surpasses the ordinary, and provides an opportunity to develop ideas in a material that is both breaking boundaries and securing sustainability.

Can I Buy Ambien At Walmart

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